Monday, September 28, 2009

Dot Patterson's studio curtains which she
painted with bold strokes of color.

Wednesday, November 11th 5-8 the Butchertown Market, 1201 Story Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206. Dot Patterson is hosting a Team Dot Shop 'till You Drop party. Three businesses will donate 20% of the nights purchases to the MS Society. Work the Metal has furniture, accesories, etc., Moss Hill has bath & body collection...smells really good, and Canoe has Turkish Imports.

Dot's son has put his condo up for sale. It is located off Hurstbourne behind the Olive Garden. Click here to see photos and info about the condo.

Note from Dot:
Just a quick update on Phil's nephew, Jason, who we all prayed for at the last meeting. Our prayers were answered...they were able to do surgery and remove a large tumor and 70% of his left lung (that was the size of the tumor)...after several weeks and many different looks like Jason's cancer actually began in the soft tissue in his shoulder and hip, then it spread to the lung. It it now believed to be an extremely rary cancer and he'll be going to either Houston or New York for very specialized treatment. A really good friend of his just had a rare cancer that Dr.'s refer to in the same way as Jason's cancer...after 9 months of treatment, he is cancer free. So, we are hoping for the same outcome for Jason.
Thanks to all of you at the meeting who prayed for him, and a special thanks to Donna O'Bryant for leading such a heartfelt and moving prayer for him. Donna I didn't know you had this ability, but it surely is a gift from God...keep up the good work.

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