Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fun with Beads

Last night at the KCG meeting Dot Patterson showed us how to make quick and easy paper and fabric beads. It was a really fun time. Thank You Dot for sharing your talent. We got to visit with Mendy, whom we haven't seen in a long time. She brought a full book of Jackson's baby pictures. Would you expect any less from a new mother as well as Scrapbook store owner?What a treat it was.

Show and Tell consisted of the snowmen inspired from the front of Cloth Paper Scissors that were adorable made by Diane Gossett, a wonderful Christmas card by Nancy Adkins made from the HP website, and the highlight of the meeting was a song, made up on the way to the doctor, about being sick for Christmas by Donna O'. If you weren't there you really missed out.

Next meeting we will be sending around the paper for sign-up for next years programs( so be thinking about what you might like to share), as well as talk about election of officers for 2010. Donna and Debbie will be giving the program. More about that later. And we have again secured the Eline Library room to meet for 2010. YEAH! We really like it there.

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