Saturday, April 3, 2010

So sorry about Gaye's water damage. A broken water heater can make such a mess. On the left is a picture of Gaye's studio after the leak.
This must be the season for water leaks. Yesterday, I saw a puddle of water on our finished basement floor but couldn't figure
where it came from until I looked up. It looked like a giant cartoon bubble hanging down from the ceiling. We had a pin hole leak in a copper pipe. Lots of dry wall damage. You can guess my priorities; the first thing I did was move some of my art stuff.
This is my ceiling after the bubble burst.


  1. Nancy, So sorry you and Gaye are having to deal with these messes...but remember, after a spring rain come the flowers. Both of your studios and rooms will be fresh and new and bring a smile to your faces as you enjoy the newness of it all. Hang in there girls. Dot

  2. Nancy
    I feel for you girl! But after all the sweat and frustration I'm getting excited about the remodel. I'm going to do some serious editing. I'm sure I'm going to send out a come and get it notice. :-))))))


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