Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pencil Princesses

If you missed Gaye's yard sale, you missed a fun time!  As things were slowing down some (after the frenzied shopping), Gaye was downstairs with the remaining shoppers, and Nancy, Leslie, Debby and I sat upstairs talking for a couple of hours.  It was just so much fun, and covered a huge range of topics.  I have not had so much fun and laughter in a long time!  I mean, if these pictures don't make you smile, nothing will!  Poor Newt was busy as a bee working outside.  He would occasionally come inside, just shake his head and leave!

I present....
The Pencil Princesses...


  1. Pat always hits the nail on the head. We had so much fun yesterday. I moved lots of fun stuff to new homes to keep the creative process going. I met a few new people with like interests and found out I was surrounded by creative neighbors. Who would have thought. It was a Great Day. Thanks to everyone who came.

  2. Oh, I knew I was going to miss a great time. I'm so glad you all had fun, and I'm so sad I missed out on all the goodies...that's what happens when you end up going with your husband to a Comaro Rally. Smile...

  3. As you can tell from the pictures we all had
    so much fun and laughs!!! I truly enjoyed everyones company, my sides hurt from all the laughs!!! Thanks girl friends!!


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