Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Hot Hot (Dot Dot Dot)

We had a hot time at the meeting.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone and I hope everyone had fun making their mini envelope books!

Here's what's hot - Connie's journal art is hot, and she has a journal page featured on Strathmore's advertising for their new Visual Journal product soon to hit the stores!  Connie's page is the one with the owl, bottom left.  (You can see it  here also.)

Gaye was hot, because she had to stay home and be hostess for Newt's cookout for his car buddies.  But she sent embellishments for our books and she did the right thing to "stand by her man" for his event (but we missed her!)

All of you were hot to trot with your little books and they all turned out great!  I don't remember who all of these belonged to, but here are just a few. 

Dot Dot Dot used a picture of her doll for one of her pages!  I think the other one below it might be Debby's?

Debi did an awesome job and I love the way she added more pockets with those diagnonal cut papers!

I think this one is Nancy's... Is that black stuff on the left tape?  I want to know where to get that. I missed it at the meeting and only noticed it looking at my pictures later.

This one is Connie's, using some of Gaye's paper clips (as in clips made of card stock)

Speaking of Connie... this is why she announced the tip to use a glue stick to position one envelope to the other.  If you use tape and they are not squared up, and then you try to take them apart, well... this is the sad, sad (not hot) result!

Thanks for coming everyone.  It was fun!


  1. Well, I am just sick that I had to miss such a fun time. Loved everyone's projects. Thanks Pat for driving an hour (after work) to share this program with us. You're swell!

  2. Oh!, I forgot, Congratulations Connie on your poster. Kudos to you.


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