Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paula's Class

Paula has some great pictures on her blog (taken by her lovely assistant Paige).  Check them out.  And I'm sure others have pictures they took that they can post here! hint, hint.

I have had something on my mind and I'm throwing it out there for everyone... I am wanting more soldering.  I'm wanting to make a shadowbox like Paula's.... Is anyone up for a follow-up session to make the shadowboxes?  It would be good reinforcement of our skills before we forget everything.  Just wondering...


  1. I agree with Pat I would love another class with Paula and make her awesome shadowbox!!
    What do ya say Paula!!

  2. Me too...although I'd like to suggest that we also incorporate using lead-free solder and the 100watt iron and rheostat for those who want to upgrade...could both irons be used at one class for those who don't want to upgrade? Count me in for the class.

  3. Well, I haven't read the blog in a while. I would also love to have a follow-up class on soldering. Ms. Paula is the best in her field I think and she is right here. We should talk about it at our next meeting. If I forget to bring it up maybe you will?

  4. I would love to teach you another project. It was such a wonderful day. Thanks for being such great students.

  5. I would like to have a follow up class on soldering as well. Plus learn the shadowboxes too!


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