Sunday, May 2, 2010

My stuff is here, without damage. It's time now to rearrange everything, and most important,
to find a place for everything.It will take a few weeks, because I still have to paint inside.
The other image is the small basket we learned to make the last week I was in Louisville.
Dot, how is yours ?

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  1. Myriam, So glad you, Jackie and all your stuff arrived safely. Yes, it will take time to paint and get things in their place, but you will do it. Your basket looks great...mine, well I'm not sure it will ever be finished...I realized about half way through that it just kept getting bigger and bigger. I wanted to use it for my cell phone, but it's just much too wide to do that. If I finish it, I will have to purchase more of the linen to do that. I'm still pondering that point. I'll either post a finished photo in the future, or a half finished basket. I'm not sure which way I'm leaning at this point...trying to focus on Team Dot right now, so the art stuff always takes a back seat this time of year. Glad you're home. xxoo Dot


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