Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mike Meador

I know several of you know the Meadors, Mike and Chris, and may have heard that Mike passed away unexpectedly last week.  Many of you knew them from the booth for Coffee Break Designs at stamp conventions.  They also used to come to Louisville to set up shop at The Rubber Wizard back when it was in business.  It's hard to believe he is no longer with us, but the memorial service was so wonderful.  There is more on my blog, but I'm posting a little more here because this is more personal and geared to people who knew him and asked about him. 

Their church is a small non-traditional church.  They were so welcoming to all, and it was obvious Mike had played a big part in their work and was involved in music there.  There was a slide show before and after the service, showing Mike in his younger years, showing Mike and Chris on their wedding day, and as new parents to Andy.  There were funny stories told, and I was relieved that I laughed more than I cried.  If I had started crying, I might not have stopped (I think that comes with getting more emotional as we get older!)  It was a relief to see that Chris is surrounded by a loving church family who will support her.  And "little" Andy has grown into such a wonderful young man.  His fiance Tiffany was by Chris's side frequently, making sure she was eating, and there to see if she needed anything.  Andy and Tiffany will be married in May of next year, and I'm glad to know Chris will have this happy event to look forward to. 

The church members served a wonderful meal after the service.  I have not eaten that well in a long time, but maybe it's because I don't cook very often.  (I can still taste that great lasagna and the homemade yeast roll, not to mention those awesome homemade desserts!) 

Some have asked for Chris's address.  Since this is a closed blog and not public, I feel safe posting it here.

Chris Meador
3354 Fox Orchard Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46234

If you didn't know the Meadors, I apologize for rambling on, but he was so good to everyone, and very generous to people at his booth. 
If you want to leave comments at the site for the funeral home, that link is here

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  1. Pat,

    Thankss for posting this info about Mike...we'll miss him.


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